Using Stainless Steel for Sculptures and Art

Using stainless steel for sculptures and art has become more popular over the last decade. Many sculptors have made stainless steel their primary material because of its many advantages.

Stainless Shapes Used for Sculptures and Art

Common shapes that are used in sculptures are the same shapes used in other industries. Most even have some of the same applications. Stainless beam,stainless channel, stainless angle, stainless tees and custom sections are all used in sculptures and art. A stainless channel is shaped with a vertical web and  is more commonly used for things that require toughness. A stainless beam is used for support or framing. Stainless angles and tees can be used for trim work as well as supports. Custom shapes can be used however the artist imagines and implemented into any design. All of these things can be found at Stainless Structurals.

Working with Stainless Sections

One reason stainless steel is a big attraction for many, including sculptors, is that it can be easily joined together. Sculptors primarily use welding to attach their artwork together. With welding, the steel becomes partially melted and then as it cools and hardens, it joins to the other part that the sculptor would like it to become attached to. Although a lot of sculptors prefer the method of welding and then leaving it as is, some prefer to use grinding and sanding. This method creates an appearance of a single piece of steel because after the welding process, the artist will grind and sand the seam until it looks like one homogenous structure. Things like statutes or monuments and lobby art are common designs of art using stainless steel.

Stainless steel is also a great choice for sculptors because of its strength and durability. A stainless sculpture can stand the test of time in almost any element. Artists also like how stainless can have a rough finish if that is what the sculptor likes, or a cleaner more polished finish. As you can see, stainless steel is very versatile and works great for many different art projects! Stainless Structurals is here to help bring out the artist in everyone. Get Creative with Stainless!