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Metal sculpture

Mao ping Sculpture Arts Co., Ltd was established in Shenzhen, China in 2008. we specialize in creating innovative metal art to supplement and enhance indoor and outdoor environment. We cooperate with commercial and residential customers all over the world, and cooperate with architects, real estate developers, landscape designers and interior designers.

Mao ping Sculpture Manufacturer can customize corten steel sculpture, fountain sculpture, various sculptures, stainless steel plant sculptures, modern abstract sculptures,alphabet sculptures, metal sculptures,ball sculptures,water drops,spray abstract ball sculptures indoor and outdoor decoration crafts with stainless steel material

If you have any design of your own, please feel free to share it with us and let us discuss more information about this design.

We cooperate with sculpture artists and designers to design and create customized sculpture art products suitable for their needs

Contact us today to arrange consultation.

Our factory have 3 D drawing design team, own talented artist team, so we can create quality art sculptures with right material based on your small samples or your ideas, 3 D drawings or details pictures, welcome O E M and O D M orders.

3D Printing Metal Sculpture

Generally, the models for sculpture creation can be around 304 and 316. Mirror Stainless Steel Sculpture materials are generally sheet metal and are available in a variety of thicknesses. The sculpture processing form of the plate is mainly forging process and welding.

Through the external force, the plate surface is forged, the corresponding shape is formed, and then the multiple plates are welded and formed, and then polished and polished to complete the Mirror Stainless Steel Sculpture.

Another process is stainless steel casting. The stainless steel casting process is similar to the copper casting process. After the casting is completed, the mirror stainless steel sculpture effect can also be produced by polishing.
As the leading supplier and exporter of Mirror Stainless Steel Sculpture , Mao ping sculpture ,having focusing on sculpture since 2002,is a reliable supplier !

Stainless steel sculpture has become the mainstream of modern urban sculpture because it is not easy to rust, easy to clean, of strong wind resistance, durable characteristics, which makes it become a popular sculpture products.
Currently, the main material is 316(L)#, 304# and 201#. Generally, 304# works for indoor sculpture and 316# should be selected for costal cities and acid rain areas as the impact of the hydrochloric acid degree of the air. Compared to 304#, 316# is a permanent material, of better corrosion resistance and durability. As a professional stainless steel sculpture fabrication company, we suggest 316# for both outdoor and indoor stainless steel sculptures in general, and do not hold the idea that 201# is suitable for stainless steel sculptures.

So generally, we judge the polishing standard based on whether the surface is smooth with uniform reflection; whether the reflective object is clear and visible; whether the reflective object is deformed.
The surface smoothness of forging stainless steel mainly shows that the smoother the surface is, the more uniform the reflected light is, rather than dark light on the partial low-lying surface.
Second, the special treatment of welding line. Welding line is the jointing of the two panels. It is highly required for the smoothness. If the welding line is not handled well, the piece will seem to be a divided mirror. A straight line or a reflected object will be dismantled into two parts.

Combing stainless steel with the ideal of artist, stainless steel sculptures are always good for everything. Using one Large Modern Metal Sculpture to decorate your garden is able to make your home or office park impressive.

How about using Large Modern Metal Sculpture as a main focal point in the garden? It’s one thing to look at when you turn that corner into a garden in the garden, but it’s not sculpture. It’s a total experience. Aroma, a feeling of fear of witnessing a beautiful and elegant look of modern stainless steel pieces that enhance the atmosphere of the total garden experience

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