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Global projects

Thanks to customers all over the world who place orders with us and repeat them all year round.
We create all kinds of products. These products are contributed and completed by the accurate understanding of customers’ needs, the correct implementation of the products and, most importantly, the diligent and meticulous work of our professionals and engineers.

If you don’t see the perfect piece for your space don’t hesitate to contact us about your project. We will work with you to create a design solution that will meet the needs of your space.

Eye on the ball,coca-cola all star park
Combined sphere sculpture
Stainless steel ball wall
Eye sculpture
Pinwheel sculpture
Square mirror sphere
Garden Decoration Large Gazing sphere
3 giant stainless steel cricket spheres

1.5M stainless steel golf ball

Five cubes Corten Steel Sculpture
garden rusty Corten Steel Sculpture

Outdoor Garden Landscape Corten Steel Sculptures

Circle Corten Steel Sculpture
three mirror concave wall sculpture
Estonia Stainless steel ball group
stainless steel Japan Sexy Robot sculpture
Stainless steel BUZZBALLZ LOGO sculpture
garden Corten Steel Sculpture
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