Modern stainless steel sculpture

Stainless steel sculpture: stainless steel acid-resistant steel referred to as stainless steel, it is composed of stainless steel and acid-resistant steel two major parts, in short, can resist atmospheric corrosion of steel called stainless steel, and can resist chemical medium corrosion of steel called acid-resistant steel. Because stainless steel has many advantages, therefore, stainless steel sculptures are a lot of city sculptures are made of it. Stainless steel requires that the sculpture itself is simple and generous, the body feeling is obvious, and the light and shadow effect is strong, the color selectivity is the greatest.

  Modern stainless steel sculpture is a real revolution in the traditional concept of sculpture. The application of metal materials and new processing methods has not only changed the traditional art, but also changed people’s traditional consciousness, subverted and reshaped the traditional sculpture concept of form, material and space, and pushed the formalist aesthetics of modern art to the peak. But this is not the end, stainless steel sculpture from the 1980s into the post-modernist era of pluralism, post-modernist stainless steel sculpture is difficult to distinguish the relationship between various artistic styles, everything has become uncertain.